These are raw, live, first take, unedited demos.
What do you get when you cross a college English professor married to an ultra-hip artist with a priest who has his own his own full-time parish... into a musical songwriting duo? What about when they are both super-intense, semi-neurotic, suffer from an inferiority complex regarding their musical abilities, and take themselves way too seriously? What if they are both in their thirties yet still trying to figure out what it means to be a human being and a Christian? What if in spite of all this they still have the audacity to try and play original music in front of actual audiences? ... You get "Jessamyn & Charles."

This Peoria-based singer-songwriter duo came together in early 2010 after a chance meeting in a school gym. After an exchange of their works-in-progress,

both artists were struck by the thematic similarities of their songs and were intrigued by the stylistic differences with which these themes were addressed. Jessamyn’s gentle vocals and piano belied her angst-yet-hope-filled lyrics on her new record Desperate Lullaby.   Charles was finishing his new record Space Traveler, which highlighted his creativity, energy, and thoughtfulness as a guitarist and lyricist. Their esteem for one another’s work led them to pursue a collaborative relationship.

This collaboration has sparked something new and promising and has aroused unique enthusiasm in both artists. They worked hard for several months in the winter and into the spring putting together an array of thoughtfullychosencovers as well as originals from their respective records in preparation for live performances.  They have recently begun collaborating on new material and are hoping to eventually put out a record together.

They strive to write, play and perform music that honestly addresses human experience with all its hope and desire, as well as its fear and desperation. 

They prefer “question” rather than “answer” songs which address themes of alienation and the longing for connection and meaning in an increasingly confusing world.  If you need titles, perhaps “alt-indie existential folk” comes close to describing their style.  If you are looking for great songwriting, lyrical depth, and pleasing music for heart and mind, beyond the clichés, this up-and-coming duo will please!

"Audacity," the debut EP of Jessamyn & Charles Projected release date: March 2011. Listen to a preview above.